Bronson Stone is the sheriff of Crystal Cove. He first arrested Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby for solving a mystery that ruined a tourist attraction and told them to stop solving mysteries, but the gang disobeyed him. However, after the gang captured the Slime Mutant before he robbed the bank, the sheriff thanked them for it. Later after learning that the gator suits made by the Gator Family were frauds, he had the other officers arrest the three counter fitters.He is seen throughout the next following episodes being informed about other incidents. Even thought he is mad at the gang for mystery solving, he still has to stick to doing what's right.

In "In Fear of the Phantom" he was a fan of the Hex Girls as he was complementing the mystery gang about the T-Shirts.

In "The Grasp of the Gnome" he had the hospital deliver the Gnome's paralyzed victims in a theater room for quarantine which was strange to do. After the Gnome was revealed to be Gil Littlefoot, he enjoyed arresting him as he laughs over his little feet.

In Battle Of The Humungonauts, he was with the mayor at a club and witnessed the Green Humongunaut trashing the place. He strangely says he wanted to see it again! Later he informed the gang about the creatures attack.

In Dead Justice, he was knocked out of his job by Dead Justice. Here, we find out he's the biggest Dead Justice fan, which crushes him.We also find out that his first real name is Sheriff, and that- "Mom sort of planned ahead." This is the only episode where he actually helps solve the mystery.

In Pawn of Shadows he was surprised that Alice May got out of jail and he didn't believe it.

In All Fear The Freak, he arrests the Mystery Inc. kids but then lets them go under Skip Jones' orders. After putting hand cuffs on the apprehended Freak, Fred unmasks the villain revealing it to be the Mayor, making the Sheriff shocked with horror and very disappointed when he confessed that he kidnapped Fred from his real parents.

In The Night the Clown Cried, he comes into contact with the Crybaby Clown, who hurls a bottle bomb into his car and Bronson got out just in time before it exploded.

Now with new Mayor Janet Nettles in charge of Crystal Cove, (the two are now in a romantic relationship, ever since episode, Grim Judgement, when Sheriff brought Janet on a "stakeout") he is now becoming more reliable to police duty by arresting criminals like Baba Yaga.

In Web of Dreamweaver, he arrested two of his childhood friends who came in contact with the Dreamweaver. Later when he Shaggy Rogers and Scooby Doo fell asleep, they started running everywhere in the Dreamweaver's maze but finally woke up. Then Stone and the gang exposed the villain to be his old friend Horbert who makes a confession that made him a totally a bigger idiot than anyone else just for losing a game.