Rung Ladderton is a character on Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated. He débuts, with his only appearance, in the third episode of the first season and is voiced by James Arnold Taylor.


Rung Ladderton is the heir to the Ladderton Ladder company. After the company is making less money due to no one needing to replace ladders, he, with the help of Theodore Avocados' journal he finds, looks for Theodore's diamond that he stole and hid as a door knob. He uses the Ghost Truck to smuggle out of Crystal Cove the door knobs he steals. Driving the Ghost Truck, a cop tries to stop him because he is speeding, but the cop is run off the road. Rung meets with a rich girl named Daphne Blake, although she isn't fond of him and only meeting with him out of her parents' decision. The Ghost Truck later chases the gang but manage to escape it. Rung calls Daphne to remind her about their date at the Bloody Stake. The Ghost Truck later chases the gang again when they are trying to solve the mystery, but they hide and aren't found. Rung shows up at the Bloody Stake late, but is interrupted by the gang. Fred and Rung also trade ascots as they are both fans of them. When the gang discovers his hideout, the Ghost Truck chases the gang once more but is trapped at City Hall. Rung is revealed as the driver as the Ghost Truck and the door knob stealer, and is arrested. ("Secret of the Ghost Rig")