The Planispheric Disk is one of the most important pieces in the 2 seasons, since it is a map which locates a place of infinite treasure and the Crystal Sarcophagus. It is a disc seperated into 6 different pieces by the Spanish Conquistadors, who became aware of  the evil lurking with-in the Crystal Sarcophagus. All of these pieces are found by the gang over the course of the series. One belonged to Danny Darrow before he gave it to the gang. Fred Jones, Sr. also had a piece after he betrayed and stole it from Professor Pericles. Another piece was found in Russia while Velma and Marcy Fleach (Hot Dog Water) worked for Mr. E. The fourth piece was found in a 500 year-old cheese which was hidden by Friar Serra. The fifth piece was hidden in the ship of the Spanish Conquistadors, which was brought to the top of a mountain. THe piece was heavily guarded by traps. The sixth piece was at the bottom of the lake in Crystal Cove. It turns out that there was a story about 300 or 500 years ago, that an earthquake sent the original missonaries of Crystal Cove right down to the bottom of the lake. But it actually turns out that Porto (Friar Serra's donkey) who was manipulated by the Evil Entity, set TNT explosives, thus sending part of Crystal Cove under water. After the pieces was found by The Gang, they finally joined the 6 pieces together.


Piece 1

Spanish Settlers [Formerly Original Owners]

Danny Darrow [fomerly]

Fred Jones, jr [formerly]

Shaggy and Scooby Doo [formerly]

Professor Pericles [formerly]

Mystery inc

Piece 2

Spanish Settlers [Fomerley Original Owners]

fred joans, sr [formerly]

fred joans, jr [formerly]

professor pericles [formerly]

Mystery inc

Piece 3

Spanish Settlers [Formerly Original Owners]

velma [formerly]

Mystery inc

Piece 4

Spanish Settlers [Formerly Original Owners]

mystety inc

Piece 5

Spanish Settlers [Fomermely original owners]

Piece 6

Spanish Settlers (Formerly Original owner)


117: Escape From Mystery Manor

123: A Haunting In Crystal Cove

125: Pawn Of Shadows

126: All Fear The Freak

202: The House Of The Nightmare Witch

205: Hodag Of Horror

208. Night on Haunted Mountain