Mr. E is a character on Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated. He is first heard in the first episode of the first season and is voiced by Lewis Black.


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After the gang solves the mystery of the Slime Mutant, they celebrate at K-Ghoul where they receive a mysterious call from Mr. E who tells them that they're "all doomed" and that they "never should of brought that locket out of the cave". He claims the locket is connected to the curse of Crystal Cove, leaving them all thinking. ("Beware the Beast from Below")

Mr. E sends the gang a box with a purse made of gator skin from Gatorsburg, along with a note saying "saved this for a rainy day", along with a purse made of gator skin from Gatorsburg. They figure out that's impossible since Gatorsburg doesn't manufacture gator products anymore, so they head to the deserted town, where they solve the mystery of the Creeping Creatures, like Mr. E wanted. After, Mr. E replaces the engine they lost and prehaps taken, so they can geh home; along with a note telling them "it was only one piece of the puzzle" and that "there are more mysteries to come". ("The Creeping Creatures")

Mr. E leaves a CD in a menu at the Bloody Stake, for the gang to find, hinting "crystal can't open doors like a diamond". They listen to it and later solve the mystery. ("Secret of the Ghost Rig")

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  • Mr. E is a pun on the word "mystery".
  • It is possible the Executioner is Mr. E as he fits the complexion, although it is unknown why Mr. E would carry out a task personally instead of sending Ed Machine to do it.