Danny Darrow was the youngest generation of the Darrow family, all of whom mysteriously disappeared from Crystal Cove one Halloween and were never seen again- as so we thought. In the episode Escape From Mystery Manor, we find out that the Darrow Mansion was swallowed by the Earth and sunk deep into the ground. As time passed, the other family members passed on around him, but he didn't really notice. For he was the holder of the cursed Darrow treasure, which is part of the Planispheric Disk. He had no contact with the real world until he met the Original Mystery Inc who had come to investigate. They left. He figured that some day, they would come back to steal his treasure. Because of this, he set traps all over the house. Some years later, the new Mystery Incorporated came along, and he mistakened them for the Original gang.They escaped his many traps, and the 80-some-year-old Danny Darrow met them. He and Fred had a trap-off, and was impressed by his skill. And then, it happened. All the traps going off had disturbed the area's fault-line, and it started to shake again. He gave them his part of the disk and told them to go. When they questioned, he replied, "Take it. May it bring you more happiness than it ever brought me!" They fled, and Danny Darrow was never seen again.