Angie Dinkley is a character on Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated. She débuts in the first episode of the first season and is voiced by Frances Conroy.


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Angie and her husband, Dale both are believers in monsters and the supernatrual. They own a museum together called Crystal Cove Spook Museum.

One day, Angie and Dale catch Velma in the middle of revealing to the tourists that all the monsters in museum were fake and were really criminals in costumes, when they stop her so she doesn't destroy the business. Velma replies she was being honest and that she doesn't believe monsters are real like they do. ("Beware the Beast from Below")

After the gang gets stuck in Gatorsburg, Velma calls her mom and asks to pick them up. She replies she can't because it's race night and explains Venus is in his third retrograde and she's betting on Sick Little Monkey to show. ("The Creeping Creatures")

Angie and Dale notice the door knobs at the museum has been stolen. ("Secret of the Ghost Rig")

Angie drives the Ghost Tour Bus, telling tourists about the spookified children. She sees the gang and tells them to get to school. Before they leave, Angie asks Velma to wear around a Que Horrifico t-shirt to advertise it. ("The Song of Mystery")

Velma is getting ready for prom, when her parents take a picture of her in her dress. Velma then puts a turtleneck over it. ("The Legend of Alice May")

At the Royal Knights Faire, Angie runs the souvenirs stand. Velma expresses her frustration with Shaggy not loving her to her mom. Angie jokingly offers to poison him and hands her a book called I'm Okay, You're a Scary Gnome to help the gang stop the Gnome. ("The Grasp of the Gnome")