All fear the freak is the final episode of scooby doo mystery inc season 1. It reveals the freaks identity to the gang and also explains what actually happened to the old mystery inc(excluding what corrupted pericles).


The gang are attacked by the freak many times. The freak has found out about what happend in pawn of shadows. As the gang uncovered many clues the freak now wants to get them. As they keep encountering the freak they see that he is may not be real.

Some more clues are uncovered but still no suspects are found. They decide to head to the crystal cove caves and do some more exploring. The freak causes fred to fall of the clift and then rescues him. Fred knows that it is his fake dad Fred Jones sr. 


Name Motive
Fred jones sr. To make a fortune off the disk


Name Motive
Fred jones Sr. To make a fortune of the cursed treasure, corrupted by nibiru
Nibiru To corrupt more people and create chaos.


  1. Nirbiru does not make an apperance until season two but Nibru did cause fred jones sr and pericles to become so power hungry.
  2. This is the final episode of season one.